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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  November 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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outside some bay area grocey stores this morning. as tals resume with striking raley's workers...what the union is urging its members to do. weather ad libs picket lines remain outside some stores this morning after a strike and what the union is urging its members to do. so far 880 through oakland moving nice up towards downtown. we'll look at the monday back to work commute coming up. good morning, everyone. it is monday, november 12th. veterans day was officially yesterday but it is being observed today. city, cone, federal and state offices are closed today and there is no mail delivery. banks and schools are closed as
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well. wall street will reopen thorn and try to recover from the worst week since last june, hoping lawmakers can agree on a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff next wear. without an agreement $1.2 billion in cuts would go into effect january 1st, triggering a new recession. grocery workers on the picket lines hope to get disputes resolved as soon as possible. their concern over a proposed wage freeze and sunday and
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holiday pay. both sides agreed not to discuss negotiations openly but striking workers are cautiously optimistic. >> the workers are committed to stay out here till they have a contract. >> the overall package the company says is one of the best in the industry. jumps in the car, didn't have a coat and it was 36 degrees. the heat receiver probably still on. >> very chilly. today we start out cold in spots, diving down to the 30s this morning, 36 in fairfield, 38 concord and 37 in nap arc valley. it's a cold start to the
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morning we have a lot of clouds movings in. we could see a couple light sprinkles or light passing clouds. temperatures will stay fairly cool. about 4 degrees below average today, and warmer weather is on the way. we also have rain in the forecast. we'll talk about that in a moment. roads are quiet thorn. not much activity going on right now. heading towards treasure island, no delay. it's only 5:03 but it's also veterans day. there's no mail service and a lot of schools are out this morning. if you're heading off this
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evening and tomorrow morning, there will be overnight road work. this is a look at the south bay, guadeloupe parkway and 280. no delays through downtown. mass transit is on the regular schedule. that is traffic. back to you. residents are returning home this morning after a massive explosion destroyed dozens of house in this an indiana neighborhood. the explosion killed at least two people saturday night. as many as 31 homes are gone and dozens more damaged. >> the house felt like it moved a foot or so and all we could do was get out. >> investigators are not sure what caused the blast and they are trying to determine if
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there was a gas leak. an exact cause could take weeks to determine. in new york the new trend is gawkers driving by and taking pictures of the destruction. there are still power outages on long island. two young men escaped a crash with only minor injuries on the 18 way overpass. the suv fell 25 feet on to the westbound lanes of i-80, landing upside down and partially collapsed the passenger compartment. the 20-year-old driver and passenger both able to get out of the car on their own. very lucky. 5:06. the new tower on the bay bridge is about to start pulling its
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own weight. >> work is being done to make the span self-supporting. >> reporter: the construction for the bay bridge is on track and workers can move on to the next major step. the process of thefting this eastern span of the bridge took about three months and involves shifting 45,000-tons of steel and concrete. the roadway was lift add few feet then locked into place. this is the largest self- anchoring span of its kind. even though the process is almost done, there's a warn for boaters. >> there's been a notice to mariners out for a long time
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not to go under there because of the number of operations taking place. we are strengthening that message to voters right now. individual pleasure craft shouldn't go under this bridge during this time. >> reporter: workers were also afraid the bridge wouldn't transfer right. the next step is to remove the temporary bridge currently holding it in place. after that, that new bay bridge is still on par or on track to be opened up again next year in september 2013. members of congress are now demanding more information following the big announcement
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by david petraeus. >> reporter: cbs news learned this woman, 37-year-old jill kelly, triggered and fbi investigation leading to the resignation of cia director david petraeus after word got out he was having an affair with his biographer, paula broadwell. >> it was like a lightning bolt. >> reporter: kelly we want to the fbi after receiving e-mails from broadwell ordering her to back off and stay away from my guy. broadwell believed kelly was a romantic rival. congressional leaders want an inquire of their own and want to know why they were not informed before this went public. >> this could affect national
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security. inwe should have been told. >> reporter: now the acting director will testify about the attack in this benghazi, causing some concern. >> i don't see how in the world you can find out what happened in benghazi, before during and after the attacks, if general petraeus doesn't testify. >> reporter: petraeus could be called to testify at some point in the future. and the bbc falsely implicated a politician in a child sex abuse case there. the director and news chief have all resigned there after broadcasting false claims made by a sex abuse victim that a senior political figure in the 1980s abused him. exclusive and often
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expensive, finding legal parking. >> and the aggravation of being ticketed. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, honey, don't use your sleeve.
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honors veterans *every day of the year.. welcome back.. one washington man honors veterans every day of the year. welcome back, everyone. >> in a peugeot sound neighborhood, nearly everyone stops for the sound of that trumpet. >> the 71-year-old says he does it partly in appreciation for the military and partly for the neighbors. when they hear him, they come out of their homes and stand at attention. >> how could you not? taps. >> he says it's a moment they can all honor or reflect in silence. >> it does make you think a lot. >> tell us who you would like to thank this veterans day. e-mail us or comment on our facebook or twitter page.
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my mom, dad, uncles, two grandfathers, cousin in the air force. i come from a strong military family. >> my father is a veteran, his brother, my grandparents as well. does make you reflect a lot. >> it does and they should be honored every day of the year. >> absolutely. it is holiday light today. pretty quiet, no problems on the roads. this is a live look near the dublin interchange. headlights here are westbound 580, right now only 14 minutes from the altamont pass toward the dublin interchange. not many brake lights this
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morning. this is 101 near mckee, headlights moving northbound. it's a smooth ride in both directions. we were following a car fire for a while blocking one right lane of southbound 280 but there could be activity off to the shoulder. it won't be much to slow you down. this is a live look at the golden great bridge where things are looking nice. no delays with trouble transit.
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hoping for nice condition this is holiday. should be nice around the bay area. headed out right now, it's chilly with temperatures in the 30s and 40s this morning. crank up the heater if you're headed out. by the afternoon we'll see a mix of clouds and sunshine, temperatures on the cool side today. we have a weak system sliding over the top of the plat ridge in place, strengthening before tomorrow but today it will keep temperatures down. if you're traveling around the state, you could run into showers if you're headed up towards the eureka area.
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mid-60s in vallejo, 61 in santa rosa. that ridge will strengthen somewhat, still a chilly morning to deal with. i think there's a better chance of rain as we head toward late saturday and sunday. it could be one of life's biggest little frustrations, finding a pink slip on the windshield. >> getting a parking ticket can be exasperating and expensive as well. it could be weather your time
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to fight it. >> reporter: parking. it can be a real pain, even for a guy who calls hymn the parking guru. >> i'm noticing that you have to be afraid of the meter person not knowing the rules and giving you an erroneous ticket. >> if you get a ticket you don't deserve, you could blame the confusing sign. >> can i park here or not? >> no because there's a sign up there. that's why in the city you have to be careful. >> reporter: this man got a ticket in san francisco in a spot he thought was legal. he saw the lines painted on the street. >> i don't know how i missed that. >> i'm waiting for them to come back and say, you're wrong.
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>> reporter: last year 70% of drivers who disputed their tickets were told they still had to pay. that is, until they disputed the ticket a second time. that's when san francisco changed its mind and threw out the citation for more than 50% of those who took the time to plead their case in person. >> this is definitely a big waste of time, especially if it wasn't my fault. if it's my fault, i pay the ticket and that's it. >> that indicates a valid spot. >> they had remove that had
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meter. >> reporter: with so many confusing spots, it could be hard to tell if it was your fault or not. in san francisco, julie watt, cbs 5. >> i'm still not used to the garage here. that's why i find a garage. >> every time i spend 5 minutes doing that, it's the time thing. even if you're right, by the time you go in and take time off, it's a big thing. the niners try to take a commanding lead. >> but the rams were standing in their a. they combine to do something not seen in fact nfl in four years. >> and this is not the ufc. it's nascar. what caused a big scuffle in the pits. >> submit nominations at our
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a look at the white house this morning. we'll see plenty of sunshine and clouds here, temperatures staying cool with 50s and 60s. we'll talk about the forecast coming up. >> uneventful morning so far to start off this veterans day holiday. golden gate and other traffic moving at speed limit. much more coming up. the last lakers have hired their new head coach. >> mike brown got canned after just five games into the season. the lakers are 1-4. they talked about the job mr. jackson wanted too much and didn't want to go 20 practices and away games. it's not clear when the 49ers quarterback alex smith will be able to play again. he suffered a concussion on a
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quarterback sneak here in the first quarter, had to leave the game. the backup came in against the rams and scores right there, kicking the game time goal to send it into overtime. the niners and rams played the first tie in four years, each team getting 24 points. the raiders at baltimore, ugly. baltimore dominated in the second half, burying jones. ravens take raiders 55-0, oakland now 3-6. nascar will look apt sanctioning after a brawl late in the race in phoenix.
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team. that, after gordon slowed down and deliberately wrecked bowyer. gordon says he's had probles with bowyer all season... ae was fed up with it. >> client bowyer's crew went after jeff gordon after gordon wrecked bowyer. he said he's fed up after all season. >> it's one way in football but to take a car out? i don't know. our play of the day comes from memphis. >> the grizzlies at home against the world champion miami heat. the grizzli went on for a bg win, 104 to 86 over the hea. it's 5-- back to the bargaig table. it is scary, we're hoping it will get resolved soon, bece the holidays are coming." the picket lines are up, ano >> 5:26. back to the bargaining table. >> it is scary.
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we hope it will get resolved soon because the holidays are coming. >> picket lines are up and why there's new home far deal. >> a major mile stone for bay bridge construction. what's next in the process and why there's still a warning for boaters out there. >> and demanding answers over the petraeus scandal. new details on the woman who exposed the affair.
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back to the bargaining table. >> it is scary. we hope it will get resolved soon because of the holidays. >> the pressure is on to get bay area grocery workers back on the job.
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democrats and republicans will be have been at odds over how to respond to the upcoming fiscal cliff. ceremonies across the country honoring veterans. congress demands answers on the david petraeus affair. two people are killed after a house explosion in indianapolis. from across the bay to around the world, stories that matter on eyewitness news this morning. and i'm frank mallicoat. tis 5- a major step in building thw bay bridge is almost finish.
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cbs-5 reporter cate cauguirs a look good morning, everyone. it is monday, november 12th. a new bridge span is about to be complete. >> reporter: this is an animation of what went on over the past few months. it was called load transfer. workers shifted sections of the eastern span of the new bay bridge from its temporary supports to supports using tension and hydraulic jacks. it's a self-anchor suspension span, the largest of its kind in the world.
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>> there's been anotus to mariners for a long time not to go under the bridge because of the operations taking place. we are strengthening that message to boaters right now. individual pleasure craft should not go under this bridge during this time. >> reporter: cal tran's rep says it was a labor-intensive process process. this will open in september 2013. new this morning, a scary car crash. this dodge durango went over a guardrail and fell 25 feet on to the westbound lanes of i-80.
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the car landed upside down but the 20-year-old driver and his passenger were able to get out on their own. wildfire season is end nothing south and east bay area. officials say it will end at 8:00 and cooler temperatures from last week reduced the temperature. a ban on burning is over as well. check with fire and air quality officials before you decide to burn in your yard. let's check the weather this morning. we are getting cool temperatures around the bay area right now, 30s and 40s at this hour. we have a few clouds moving overhead. check handout the valley, 36 in
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fairfield. i think throughout the day we'll see passing clouds moving overhead as we have a weak ridge here, maybe even a light sprinkle. otherwise we'll see temperatures on the cool side with highs below average. today we are cooler than normal, about 65 the expected high, 64 in livermore. there are warmer days coming up. now let's check the roads. there are a few cars out there but it's a holiday and we are seeing lighter traffic than we typically see on a back to work monday. no metering lights and no delays in the fast track lanes. still haven't seen any hot spots and all mass transit is
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on a regular schedule. we are just getting word of a freezing rain delay on train number 1 of about 15 minutes. and this is a live look across the golden gate bridge. quick check if you're heading out, this is what it looks like past candle stick. a strike against knob hill foods is now in its second week but there are renewed hopes for a negotiation. >> reporter: behind me are a thousand or so workers who have been on strike since last sunday. they have been out here nonstop since the strike started last week. they have been out here since 11:00 last night.
5:37 am
they have a fire pit going, say they really want support from people who come by. they are also hoping everything gets solved quickly. about a thousand workers have been on strike since last sunday. they are represented by the united food and workers association and wanted better pay and benefits. this included altering health plan and eliminating benefits for retirees eligible for medicare. this also comes with a wage freeze. and the elimination of sunday and holiday premium pay. last week safeway reached a deal with the same union. both side want to end this
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strike fast. >> we don't really flow what's going on but we are committed to staying out here till there's a contract. 5:38 now. veterans all around the country are being honored today. city, county, state, federal and government offices are all closed and there's no mail delivery. banks and schools are closed today. bay area transit systems are running on a regular schedule but without school service. >> the president marked veterans day at arlington national with a ceremony yesterday, taking part in the
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traditional ceremony at the tomb of the unknown. events honoring vets were held around the bay area over the weekend. the 94th annual veterans day parade went down market street yesterday and is considered one of the biggest in the area. to general david petraeus, -i-a. jill more details are emerging habit the seize of events that led to general david petraeus
5:40 am
resigning as director of the cia. a family friend contacted the fbi she claimed to have received from his biographer paula broadwell. it led to the investigation that uncovered the extramarital affair with broadwell, prompting petraeus to resign. >> if there's no effect on national security, i think we need to move on. >> congress is expected to ask tough questions about the scandal this week. it's not clear what caused a massive explosion in indianapolis over the weekend that killed two people and damaged or completely destroyed 80 homes. the destruction covers several blocks on the south end of the city. the blast was so loud it woke people up three miles away. >> the house felt like it was shaking. it's nothing that you have ever
5:41 am
experienced. >> officials estimate damage at $3.6 million. up to 31 homes are so badly damaged they may have to come down. people on new york's staten island say a growing number of tourists are driving by and taking photos of the destruction. 73,000 homes an businesses remain without power? new york and new jersey since outages two weeks. tourists with rain boots? >> venice gets pounded with heavy rain. and what would you do if you found $20,000 hidden in a book in a dumpster? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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floods in venice. the high tide mark yesterdas about five feet above flood level. that's the sixth highest mark since record keeping started 150 years a. would yesterday high tide marks were 5 feet above level, the sixth highest mark since record
5:45 am
started 160 years ago. and the president plannings several meetings this week concerning the so-called fiscal cliff. on friday he's scheduled to meet with a bipartisan group of congressional lead,. if there's no deal by the end of the year, automatic tax increases and spending cuts into into effect. concerns over greece sent most asian markets lowering this morning. and wall street is trying to recover from the worst week since june on friday.
5:46 am
greece passed an austerity budget that's crucial to it avoiding bankruptcy. it calls for severe spending cuts and tax increases. a recent report shows carriers are bracing for what's expected to be a wave of retirement as many reach retirement age and experience requirements are prevents new hires. it is shopping season now. seems like black friday might be a thing of the past. >> that's right. this seems to be the going trend here.
5:47 am
target is also going to open at 9:00 on thanksgiving night, three hours earlier than last year. like a lot of other sears like target and wal-mart, they will offer deals for early shoppers. i think black friday is becoming extinct. >> just open up thanksgiving day day. >> i'd rather shop than cook any day. >> i know who does the cooking in your house. >> yeah, not me. how about weather on a monday? >> i think it's a great idea. work off the turkey dinner by shopping, doing mall walking. >> what about football? >> well, that could be a
5:48 am
problem. we have chilly temperatures this morning, some in the 30s and 40s. we have a few clouds this morning and could see those on and off toward the afternoon. it's going to be a little warmer as we head in toward the next few days. dry for now but that could change. we have a weak system running over this ridge so it's falling apart a little bit. we could have a light sprinkle in the valley, otherwise holding on here. we're going to keep temperatures down a bit. around the state, showers up towards eureka, 63 degrees there. high country looking good, 62 in sacramento valley and 58 in fresno. mid-60s in the south bay.
5:49 am
by the afternoon, fairly comfortable and 62 in the napa valley. inside the bay, 60s there although we have 50s approaching the coastline. we could see showers on friday. this is westbound 92 and i just checked the drive time, about 13 minutes. all the headlights coming toward the camera, that's eastbound traffic and that's fine. to the maps, we have one thing to note here.
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everything is on a regular schedule, regular weekday schedule. and we have a very early heads up, closing 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and things are looking good into san francisco. that's traffic. big silicone valley news. apple is ending one battle in the smart phone war. apple sued htc two years ago, accusing the maker of infringing on the patented technology. they have announced saturday they agreed on a deal that includes a 10-year licensing agreement. specifics are not being made public. in massachusetts one man's dumpster dive paid off. >> while going through old books and papers, he found a book that was jammed with a
5:51 am
budge of cash. he won't say of but it's in the neighborhood of $20,000 to $30,000 he wants to find the money's rightful owner. >> i want to see because if someone saved it to buy a house, what if it was me? i'm going to go crazy. i can't go to sleep without thinking about them now. if nobody claims it, then i can go back to every single day with no problem. >> he's keeping the total at of money a secret. the rightful owner will have to identify the dollar amount, name of the book and other items inside. >> pretty nice of him to do that. we have new information
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children in denmark and found mothers who had the flu during pregnancy were twice as likely to develop autism. one of the most famous costumes in movie history fetched money over the weekend. >> the faded blagging ham dress worn by judy garland went for $480,000. steve mcqueen's racing jacket went for $50,000. christopher reeves outfit also sold. it is 5:55. next half hour, huge milestone for the bay bridge. >> and the petraeus resignation, how it's affecting
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a major hearing on libya later this week. >> reporter: and we are entering week two of the raliy's strike. new developments coming up. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news this morning. >> workers back on the picket line this morning, why there's hope before the holiday shopping season. and the petraeus raising questions about the national security. how the resignation is impacting libya. and chilly temperatures outside, we have warmer weather on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. if you're heading toward the bay bridge toll plaza, nothing like a typical monday. much more on that coming up. good morning everyone, it is monday. it's


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